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University of Cordoba

The conference will take place at the Rectorado of the University of Cordoba. «The UCO is heir to a centuries-old historical and cultural legacy as well as a passion for knowledge, tolerance, international renown and harmony among civilizations that have made the city that houses our institution a paradigm for humanity. This equilibrium and harmony is reflected in the three areas in which the UCO undertakes its activities: Food and Agriculture and Science and Technology; Humanities and the Legal and Social Sciences; and the Health Sciences; each with its own special characteristics. This balance is also manifested in quality teaching and research, ranking it among the top academic institutions in Spain…»

Words from the rector


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Tryp Córdoba

Avda. Medina Azahara, 7. 3★★★

NH Califa

Lope de Hoces, 14. 3★★★

AC Córdoba

Avda. de la Libertad, 24. 4★★★★

Córdoba Center

Avda. de la Libertad, 4. 4★★★★